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Universal Access to Safe Water for All

- Assisting with SDG 6 on “Water and Sanitation”


In September 2015, the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Summit formally adopted the sustainable development agenda, which contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 associated targets to change the world and realize a sustainable earth. With the adoption of the agenda, the UN Member States pledged to ensure that “no one will be left behind.” The 17 SDGs cover a broad range of topics, including elimination of poverty and hunger, spread of quality education, climate action, and realization of peace and justice, as well as “clean water and sanitation.”
One of the drives behind Kubota’s remarkable progress thus far has been its success in the mass production of water pipes, which has been made possible out of the sincere wish to “save people from infectious diseases.” This overlaps perfectly with SDG 6 (“Clean water and sanitation”). This corporate DNA of Kubota has been certainly passed down through the years to this very day, and Kubota has grown to be a total solution provider in the fields of water and the environment, meeting needs that range from service water to sewage. Currently, Kubota is involved in a number of projects around the world designed to offer solutions to the issues in these fields. Featured in this issue of GLOBAL INDEX are the waterworks project in Bangladesh and the water resources recycling project in Oman, where Kubota provides submerged membranes for a wastewater treatment plant.



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December, 2018
“Universal Access to Safe Water for All”