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K-HC-T type

Peak-cut flow solid-liquid separation anaerobic filter moving bed media filter process

・Capable of handling up to 148 persons (29.6 m3/day) with one tank.
・The capacity of the solid-liquid separation tank can be increased as a customization measure against high BOD load wastewater.

Cross-section perspective

Flow Sheet

Specifications (inf. BOD 200 mg/L)

Flow ratem3/day10152030
Tank size
(Φ2,500 x 2,800H)
L(mm)5,5006,6008,1507,650 + 3,950
Rated power (380V)kW1.201.201.551.55
Tank size
(Φ2,050 x 2,800H)
L(mm)6,6509,0507,800 + 3,8508,325 + 8,325
Rated power (380V)kW1.551.551.552.30

Size (mm) : In case of Φ2,500

Size (mm) : In case of Φ2,050

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