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Kubota wastewater treatment plants have been widely installed in areas where sewage systems have not yet been available mainly in the Asian region. Various types of our wastewater treatment plants perform treatment of different wastewater quality and volume discharged from buildings, improving water environment in these areas.

Small-Size Johkasou

Small-Size Johkasou 01

IndonesiaDetached houses

Kubota wastewater treatment plant was installed as a model project promoted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan.

Small-Size Johkasou 02

MyanmarGovernment office

The system treated wastewater from toilet in the office. Nuisance odor and environmental load has been reduced.

Small-Size Johkasou 03

ChinaGovernment office building

The system treated wastewater from cafeteria, toilet and washroom inside the building. The quality of discharged water satisfies the requirements of Grade 1, B of the Chinese standard.

Small-Size Johkasou 04

ChinaDetached Houses

The system performs treatment of household wastewater from kitchens, toilets and shower rooms of several houses.

Middle-Size Johkasou

Middle-Size Johkasou 01

MyanmarToilet drainage

The wastewater treatment plant has been installed above the ground to present itself to Myanmar people. Many people have visited to see the system.

Middle-Size Johkasou 02


The wastewater treatment plant has been installed in the tourist site to protect the beautiful scenery.

Middle-Size Johkasou 03

VietnamDomestic wastewater for factory

The wastewater treatment plant has been installed to satisfy the regulation requirements for industrial park.

Large-Size Johkasou

Large-Size Johkasou 01

VietnamHospital wastewater

Large-Size Johkasou 02

VietnamHospital wastewater

Large-Size Johkasou 03

VietnamHospital wastewater

An existing septic tank was reformed into equalization tank and then connected with another FRP tanks produced by Kubota. Due to that, installation work was completed in a very short span of time.

Large-Size Johkasou 04


The MBR wastewater treatment plant has been adopted in the tourist site at the upstream of the river.

Large-Size Johkasou 05

MyanmarDomestic wastewater for factory

Replacing an existing septic tank with our wastewater treatment plant helped to reduce nuisance odor and environmental load.

* Underground installation is standard construction. However, if applying ultraviolet coating on the surface of  Johkasou, above ground installation is possible. (For Middle-Size、Large-Size only)
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