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KZ II type

Moving bed carrier filter processMoving bed carrier filter process

・One more step in space-saving installation. The tank itself is the smallest design in the world. It can be built without having to chose a place, and even with a small excavation space, it will be labour-saving and make construction quicker.
・All-in-one air-piping unit blower without timer.

KZ II type

Flow rate(m3/day)1.0〜2.0 Nremoval

Cross-section perspective

Flow Sheet

Specifications (inf. BOD 200 mg/L)

ModelKZ II-5KZ II-7KZ II-10
Flow rate (m3/day)
Length A1,5802,1202,790
Width B9809801,200
Height C1,5251,5251,550
Influent pipe E270270300
Effluent pipe F320320350
Inf.eff.pipe dia. (mm)Φ100
Air pipe dia. (mm)Φ13
Aerobic filter tank0.1050.1460.208
Sedimentation separation tank0.4320.6050.650
Anaerobic filter tank0.5200.7381.053
Moving bed tank0.2050.2850.432
Moving carrier filter tank0.0670.0940.130
Treated water tank0.0540.0720.525
Disinfection tank0.0150.0150.021
Total capacity1.4061.9553.219
Blower air flow rate (L/min)6080120

Drawing example

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Middle type

Large type

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