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Documentary of Kubota

Middle East

Kubota water solution products are being used in the sunbaked lands of the Middle East. Here are some of the ways Kubota is fulfilling its mission of delivering life-supporting water across the vast desert.

How can we deliver a stable supply of water to a desert city without a river?

Vast deserts and sunbaked terrains. The Middle East.
Here, water is scarce and a valuable resource for the lives and existence of its people.
We asked how Kubota has contributed in delivering a stable supply of water to a region so far away from Japan.

  • Electricity & water corporation

    Mr. Mansoori

    • That old time, and they are using, you know, like animals to transfer water from village to village. It was a very tough time, you know, because, you know, this is desert area. Water is very important element in all our life: construction, everything. So for that we are taking care about, you know, to have water and the storage of water.

  • Kubota distributor chairman

    Mr. Abdullah

    • It was a hard life during that time, you know. It was very hard for everybody, you know, to find and also to bring water. But now, of course, there’s a big difference, you know. Because the water at home is being delivered by itself. This is a big difference you can see. This is not origin of a river but it is, of course, an industrial river.

  • Project Manager

    Mr. Kim

    • There are three very simple reasons why we choose Kobuta products for these pipelines. The product had to be of top qualities and top accuracies, and also the top warranty and guarantee from the suppliers. With Kobuta we have bring the process of determining the products, to finalize the product, to manufacturing the deliveres which we found all these things from Kobuta. When my family is here, I will tell them: ‘Do you know how you get water from? It is from your daddy reservoirs.

    • What they have is not coming from nature, it’s not granted. It's come from the effort from everyone who has built these reservoirs. They have the continuous supplies. They are not suffering from being without water.

  • Mr. Mansoori

    • Even in our religion we are believe that you cannot live without water. This is the main thing, you know. So, everything here.

  • Mr. Abdullah

    • And you know this project is for everybody that’s living in this country and is for the future of us.

Kubota supports the water infrastructures of various countries in the Middle East in numerous ways,
supporting the lives and existences of their people today and every day.


The History of Kubota Waterworks

In the 1890s, waterborne diseases began to spread throughout Japan, necessitating the use of water pipes, which are essential for modern waterworks.
The company’s founder Gonshiro Kubota began his quest to produce water pipes so he could fulfill his wish “to protect people from infectious diseases.”
In 1893, he succeeded in developing Japan’s first water pipes.
Since then, Kubota has been supporting water infrastructure in more than 70 countries as an integrated waterworks manufacturer covering all steps from upstream to downstream.

  • Kubota iron pipe shipments around 1905

  • Long-lasting, earthquake-resistant ductile iron pipes have been used for over 100 years in Oregon, United States

  • A sewage treatment facility introduced in Myanmar’s first special economic zone

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