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Green Procurement

The Kubota Group is committed to the procurement of products with a reduced environmental impact from suppliers that engage in environmental activities, as part of its commitment to providing society with products that are friendly to global and local environments.

To ensure that these activities are carried out, the Kubota Group will explain its green procurement policy through the Kubota Group Green Procurement Guidelines and conduct an investigation of suppliers' environmental protection activities and substances of concern contained in procured products as appropriate.

Green procurement cannot be achieved without the cooperation of suppliers. The Kubota Group appreciates its suppliers' understanding of its policy and their support and cooperation.

Green Procurement Guidelines

What's New!
We update The Kubota Group Green Procurement Guidelines.

Award System for Green Procurement

The Green Supplier Award System was launched in 2015 to award suppliers recognized as having made notable contributions in the area of environmental conservation, such as the supplies (materials, components, equipment, etc.) procured by the Kubota Group. The awards are presented every year.
In accordance with the Kubota Group’s Green Procurement Guidelines, this award system quantitatively evaluates goods supplied to the Kubota Group and environmental conservation activities engaged in by suppliers from the perspective of resources and energy-saving and awards notably excellent examples.
In 2021, of the 130 environmental conservation activities that were submitted from our suppliers in Japan, 12 activities with particularly high achievements were awarded, one of which received the Excellent Prize.
We started expanding this system globally in 2018, and presented awards at overseas sites as well. We will continue to utilize the system and carry out activities in the name of green procurement and promote environmental conservation initiatives hand-in-hand with our suppliers.

  • awarding ceremony

    FY2021 Awarding ceremony (January 2022)

Introduction to Collection and Management of Environmental Data in the Kubota Group

This section introduces the Kubota Group's environmental data survey method to suppliers.
In order to practice environmental conservation activities on a global scale, we utilize the “KUBOTA Ecology Data E-System” (KEDES) to collect environmental data, which includes information from our business sites on their energy usage, amounts of generated and discharged waste, water usage, and VOC emissions, etc.
"KEDES" is a system that collectively manages environmental data at global business sites. Staffs at each business site register monthly environmental data, which is used for target management of their own site. Environmental Protection Department aggregates and analyzes the data, and use for reporting inside and outside the group.
We would be pleased if it would be helpful for suppliers to collect and manage environmental data.

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