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Social and Cultural Support Activities

The Kubota Group is implementing its business activities based on the concept that it should be "a group of companies which contributes to the development of society and the preservation of the earth's environment".
We are aiming to become a company which responds to the expectations of society, and are therefore actively working upon social contribution activities under the themes of "food", "water", and "environment".

1. Support for the restoration of abandoned farmland

Support for the restoration of abandoned farmland

In Japan, nationwide, the amount of abandoned farmland totals to 424,000 hectares. Against this backdrop, Kubota extends support to the activities of community farms, production cooperatives, and citizens' groups to restore abandoned farmland and to prevent from having any farmland abandoned any more, by offering agricultural machinery and staff to operate them.

2. Kubota GENKI Agriculture Experience Workshop

Kubota Active Agriculture Experience Workshop

Intended mainly for children in the 5th year of elementary school, the Kubota GENKI (=active) Agriculture Experience Workshop aims to deepen understanding of agriculture and promote the emotional well-being of children through rice growing agricultural experience, such as rice transplanting, rice harvesting, and the tasting of harvested crops.

3. Developing Regional Brands, Advertising Farm Fresh Crops

Promotion of local-brand agricultural products and crops fresh from the farms that grew them

We support to promote local-brand vegetables, fruits, and processed food produced in various local areas in Japan in order to activate the regional agriculture society.

4. Kubota e-Day Volunteer Program

The Kubota eDay

We implement the "Kubota e-Day" volunteer activities, the employees at the Kubota Group participate to clean up rivers, agricultural water, and urban environment.

5. Kubota "TERRA-KOYA" educational camp

Kubota TERRA-KOYA educational camp

We are providing support for the experience learning educational camp activity "TERRA-KOYA", which aims to provide the children with an opportunity to learn and think of the richness of the blessings of nature and importance of the global environment.

6. Kubota Active Labo

Science and Environment Academy (former Kubota Hu-tech Seminar)

As part of our social contribution to the field of education, we have been organizing education program "Kubota Active Labo" for high school students who are interested in science since 1985. "Kubota Active Labo" is a program that participants receive a lecture on science and technology from the teacher at the University of Tokyo.(Hosted by The Asahi Shimbun Company and Asahi Culture Center)

7. Supporting for the Mainichi Earth Future Prize

Supporting the Mainichi International Exchange Awards

We support "Mainichi Earth Future Prize" that honors individuals and groups who have been addressing the resolution of national and international problems concerning "Food," "Water" and "Environment."

  • This award is a successor of "Mainichi International Exchange Award (22nd Award was held in 2010). We have been supporting this award from the first opening in 1989.

8. Assisting in the response to natural disasters

Assisting in the response to natural disasters

We are offering assistance in response to the natural disasters in Japan and in overseas countries/regions. (This picture shows a Haiti Red Cross volunteer with a one-month-old baby whose mother died in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti © American Red Cross)

Supports have been provided in recent years for the following natural disasters:

  • 2007 Earthquake in Noto Peninsula, Japan
  • 2007 The Niigata Chuetsu earthquake, Japan
  • 2008 Earthquake in Sichuan, China
  • 2009 Earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia
  • 2010 Earthquake in Haiti
  • 2010 Earthquake in Qinhai, China
  • 2010 Landslide disaster in Gansu, China
  • 2010 Landslide disaster in Pakistan
  • 2011 Flood in Australia
  • 2011 Earthquake in New Zealand
  • 2011 The Great East Japan Earthquake
  • 2011 Flood in Thailand
  • 2012 Hurricane in United States
  • 2012 Typhoon in Philippines
  • 2013 Earthquake in Sichuan, China
  • 2014 Earthquake in Yunnan, China
  • 2014 Landslide disaster in Hiroshima, Japan
  • 2015 Earthquake in Nepal
  • 2015 Flood in Japan

9. Group blood donation activity by the employees

Group blood donation activity by the employees

* A letter of appreciation from Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.↑

Kubota employees in the offices throughout the country are participating in blood donation at each site.