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Social Contribution Activities Implemented by Kubota Spears (Rugby club)

Kubota's rugby club "Spears" is implementing the following social contribution activities.
As for the latest social contribution activities implemented by Spears, click here.(The linked website of "Spears" is in Japanese.)

1. Activities for spreading & development of Rugby

I) Coaching Tag Rugby

We teach tag rugby classes in elementary schools in the neighboring region of the team’s training camp site, Funabashi city and other regions every year for children to be familiar with rugby and increase in the rugby population. We contribute the healthy development of children through tag rugby with discipline・cooperativeness・cheerful sprit in mind.

II) Rugby Clinic

We teach rugby clinics every year for children between elementary school to junior high school students in the neighboring region of the team’s training camp site before the season starts or the time before a Top League game. Coaches organize training menu to improve performance safely and have fun. Top league players on the active list support in coaching children.

III) U15 program

There has been an issue with the structure of Japan rugby that a rugby environment has not been prepared for junior high school students. We provide the U15 rugby program targeting the junior high school students (age from 13yrs to 15yrs old) to contribute to the development ・enhancement of their performance.

2. Relationship with a community

I) Participating in citizens’ festival ・health festival

We participate in festivals hosted by Funabashi city actively. We contribute to improving citizens’ health and encouragement of community sports by having a close relationship with citizens in “Funabashi Health Festival”.

II) Rugby exchange at Children Home

We implement a rugby exchange for children ranging between infant and elementary school age at Children Home in Funabashi city to tell the enjoyment and attraction of rugby by playing games and competitions with rugby balls.

III) Coaching health at a welfare center for elderly

We introduce light training and strength training programs with rugby balls for elder citizens to contribute to extending citizens’ healthy life.

IV) Participating in regional cleaning activities

We are participating in the local clean up activities every year and implementing cleaning activities in town.

V) Promoting education of donation of blood

We are developing education activities such as donation of blood in citizens’ festival, posting education flag and distribution education and novelty around the various Top League grounds.

VI) Participating in a road safety campaign

We introduced a road safety campaign cooperating with the police station which have jurisdiction over our head office. We are calling to by-standers for prevention from a traffic accident year-end and New Year holidays, eliminating drunken driving, and prohibiting a traffic accident by drug use.