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After-Sales Service

After-Sales ServiceKUBOTA’s after-sales service realize stable quality by training and appropriate maintenance by inspection / diagnosis.

Kubota will make each
customer’s maintenance plan
to be most suitable for your

  • Safekeeping

    with minimum
    stock of parts
  • Maintenance Plan

    that suites most your needs
  • Repairing

    by utilizing our service network

Service Lineup

Inspection and Diagnosis

Our well-experienced supervisor will check and diagnose your pump with various measuring instruments or borescope. For breakdown if any, we shall try to investigate and analyze the cause.


In order for your pump to surely operate and exert the required performance, the daily maintenance and periodical overhaul is necessary. As pump manufacturer we have know-how and so we can propose the most appropriate maintenance program or support overhaul work.

Replacement and Retrofit

We can propose the method for higher efficiency and/or longer life by adopting the latest technology or by improving / modifying / repairing.

Spare Parts

In order for your pump to recover the required performance, the appropriate exchange of spare parts is necessary. We can propose the required spare parts, also we can produce and machine spare parts. If required, we can dispatch our well-experienced supervisor for your exchange work.

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