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Vertical Mixed Flow Pump


  • Suction bore200~4,200mm
  • Capacity4m3/min~2,700m3/min
  • Total head5m~150m
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  • Suction bore1,200~2,200mm
  • Capacity180m3/min~800m3/min
  • Total head10m~150m
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Double Suction Volute Pump


  • Suction bore200~700mm
  • Capacity3.2m3/min~108m3/min
  • Total head8m~250m
  • Number of poles2P, 4P, 6P, 8P (See the selection table.)
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  • Suction bore800~1,350mm
  • Capacity70m3/min~415m3/min
  • Total head12m~88m
  • Number of poles8P,10P,12P,14P
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Desalination Pump


Vertical Shaft Volute Type Mixed Flow Pump

DS-VV (Low Head)

  • Suction bore300~4,600mm
  • Capacity10m3/min~3,000m3/min
  • Total head3m~40m
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DS-VV (High Head)

  • Suction bore400~1,500mm
  • Capacity12m3/min~320m3/min
  • Total head40m~150m
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Submersible Pump Series


  • Suction bore500~1,200mm
  • Capacity24m3/min~240m3/min
  • Total head3m~12m
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  • Suction bore50~700mm
  • Capacity0.15m3/min~125m3/min
  • Total head2m~60m
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Drainage Pump Vehicle

Handy Mobile Pump Package

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Drainage Pump with Vehicle

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After-Sales Service

Hirakata Plant

Hirakata Plant

  • Location1-1-1Nakamiya-oike, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, 573-8573, JAPAN
  • Site Area306,084m2
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