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Our Technologies

Not Only Manufacturer. We are Engineering Company with long and reliable experiences.

Kubota is not only a supplier of pump but also a contractor for engineering work. With successful experiences for more than half a century of engineering work, our quality management systems cover EPC work for water related facilities such as pump station and treatment plant, as well as design, development and manufacturing of pump, certified as ISO9001. And also, our environment control system covers our permanent premises as well as occupation area for construction site.

Type of AnalysisObjectAnalysis method
Structural AnalysisPump Body
Stress and deformation analysis Eigenvalue analysis in both air and water Seismic analysis.
Vibration AnalysisPump StationEigenvalue analysis
(Pump + motor)
Torsional vibration analysis
Bending vibration analysis
Fluid AnalysisPump Body
SImpeller fluid analysis Guide vane fluid analysis
Suction fluid passage
Fluid passage analysis
Pump sump
Swirl analysis
Water Hammer AnalysisPipeline
Water hammer analysis
Noise AnalysisPump bodyFault discovery system for pump and pump system

Here is one example of our analysis technology.
We have supplied low vibration pump for dead water intake pump in Jordan. The model was DF-VP(Pull out type) 1350mm×4950kW×4sets, 310.8m3/min×60m.

The highlight of this super sized pump is its length, with 27m from top to bottom. We made it long for the coming draw down of the Dead Sea water in the future. In fact the water level was 1.1m decreasing every year.
However our challenge was to avoid the risk of resonance phenomenon. As you can see in the picture below, we conducted vibration analysis in various patterns and finally came up to the most reliable shape.

Example of Vibration Analysis of under floor

Analysis of shape G001(First Shape)

Analysis of shape G007(The adopted shape)

We also conducted construction analysis to this pump.
We analyzed the valid and feasible position of reinforced rib against the external force. As a result, we were able to reduce the maximum stress and maximum deformation to more than 1/4 (one fours) compared to the first shape.

Example of Structural Analysis of casing

This is the picture of the four pumps installed on the dead water.
As the result of perfect analysis in several aspects, we were able to supply many kinds of pumps in difficult conditions all over the world.

Networks located around the world for your support.

Kubota has branches, offices and agents to cover around the world, and we can support our clients any time when they need. We can send our engineer for technical and management consultation, find the best solution for the problems that you are facing against or make plans of maintenance.
Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime! We are willing to be your support.


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