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Power Plant

High efficiency circulating water pump

As the demand for electric power increase, thermal power plants are being built in greater numbers and on a larger scale, thus increasing the importance of our pumps.
Kubota's technology and products have been contributing to efficient and trouble free operation of the thermal power plants, by choosing the most suitable material and pump construction to your particular application, based on many years of world wide experience.

Experience 1. Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

Small-Size Johkasou 01

Nhon Trach 1 CCPP Project PETRO VIETNAM Power Corporation

  • CountryVietnam
  • Bore1,350mm
  • Capacity348m3/min
  • Total Head19m
  • Motor Output1,650kW
  • Supplied Year2008

Experience 2. Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

Small-Size Johkasou 01

Muara Tawar Gas Fired Power Plant Block 5 PT PLN

  • CountryIndonesia
  • Bore1,050mm
  • Capacity179.2m3/min
  • Total Head16m
  • Motor Output640kW
  • Supplied Year2010

Experience 3. Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

Small-Size Johkasou 01

Kapar Power Station

  • CountryMalaysia
  • Bore1,950mm
  • Capacity643m3/min
  • Total Head20.6m
  • Motor Output3,000kW
  • Supplied Year2015
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