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Submersible Pump SeriesKS-Serious

Easy Attachment

Pump can be simply attached or removed by sliding it along with guide pipes, making maintenance and inspection work very easy.

Wide Range Operation

Pump can be operated at wide range of water level since impeller is installed below the motor. Upon applying the self-cooled system with water jacket for motor, pump operation can be continued even though the water level becomes lower than the motor top. In addition, protective water level detector in the well can be installed if necessary.

Anti-Clogging Structure

KS-E has advantage of anti-clogging / twisting performance against rubbish, achieved by open type impeller, securing sufficient passage area.

Suction bore
Total head


ImpellerFC200 / SCS13


FluidRain water, Sewage Water
Liquid temperature0~32℃
Bearing lubricationGrease
Shaft sealMechanical Seal

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