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Double Suction Volute PumpDV-LJ

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1. High efficiency

Higher efficiency has been achieved using the latest hydraulic analysis. This unique design provides power saving and CO2 reduction.

2. Enhanced suction performance

DV-LJ is operated with enhanced suction performance. Stable operation is made possible, even at lower water level.

3. Easy maintenance

Easily replaceable string-shaped rubber gasket is employed for the upper and lower seal face, and the shaft seal water piping is incorporated into the casing. Maintenance time is shorter since a number of parts have been reduced.

4. Increased durability and reliability

This pump has been developed through optimum design using the FEM structural analysis. Furthermore, standard stainless steel impeller and shaft offers better durability and better corrosion protection.

5. Light weight and compact

Achieved reduction in weight and size by full model change. Thus installation space is saved and easy to handle.

Suction bore
Total head
Number of poles
2P, 4P, 6P, 8P (See the selection table.)


Parts nameMaterial / Eq. JIS grade
CasingGray iron casting / FC250
ImpellerStainless steel casting / SCS13
ShaftStainless steel / SUS403
Casing ringStainless steel / SUS304
Packing sleeveStainless steel / SUS304


LiquidFresh water, river water, industrial waterSea water
Liquid temperature0℃ to 80℃
Suction pressureMax, 0.1MPa
FlangeSuction side: JIS 10K
Discharge side: JIS 10, 16, 20K
Suction side: ISO PN10
Discharge side: ISO PN10, 16, 25
BearingBall bearing
Bearing lubricationGrease*Note1)
Shaft sealGland packingMechanical seal
SleeveOnly gland packing section
PaintingWater contact part:Epoxy resin painting for water service Water non-contact part:Epoxy resin painting
Finish colorE69-60L (Munsell 10B 6/6 or equivalent)Specified color
Driving machine*Note2) Electric motor (totally-enclosed-fan-cooled type)
Rotating directionClockwise (viewed from drive machine)Counterclockwise
Suction, discharge directionhorizontal-horizontal
AccessoryCommon base, foundation bolt coupling, coupling coverPriming detector, pressure gauge

*Note 1) Equivalent to grease of class 2 for JIS K2220 roller bearing.
*Note 2) Contact us for driving machine other than electric motor.

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