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Vertical Mixed Flow PumpDF-V

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Saving Installation Cost

The motor is installed on the discharged elbow and so the pump requires less space than for the horizontal type thereby reducing installation costs.

High reliability

The motor is installed at a high elevation making it safe from flooding even during times of emergency. Because the impeller is located in the water, pump is free from cavitation and can lift water from deep wells, which is not possible with horizontal pump. Kubota’s Vertical Mixed Flow Pump has a rising characteristic (H vs. Q) from run out flow to no-flow condition and can lift water even when the head fluctuates. Pump operation is very quiet over a wide range of flows.

Easy Operation

Automatic operation is very simple because the impeller is submerged and priming devices such as a vacuum pump are not required. Unlike for axial flow pumps, shut-off operation is possible at start-up.

Suction bore
Total head


Suction BellFC200 / 2% NiFC / SCS13
Discharge BowlFC200 / 2% NiFC / SCS13
ImpellerCAC402 / SCS13 / SCS14
ShaftS45C / SUS403 / SUS 304 / SUS316 / SUS316L
Packing SleeveSUS403 / SUS304 / SUS316 / SUS316L / SCS2 / SCS13 / SCS14 / SCS16
Casing RingCAC406 / SUS403 / SUS304 / SUS316
Shaft Enclosing TubeSGPW / SUS304 / SUS316 / SUS316L


Installation placeindoor, outdoor
Pump locationin the sump
Connecting flangeBore 300mm or less : JIS 10Kgf/cm2 FF or JIS 20Kgf/cm2 FF Bore 350mm or less : JWWA Standard FF or JIS 10Kgf/cm2 FF
Direction of dischargeHorizontal
Method of installationOne-floor or two-floor system
Pump rotation direction (As viewed from driven and)Clockwise
Impeller-systemOpen or closed impeller
Number of stagesLess than 300mm 1~3 stages
300~700mm 1~3 stages
800mm and over 1 stage
FluidFresh water, sewage water, sea water and similar liquid
TemperatureTemperature of liquid : 0~65℃
Atmospheric temperature : -20℃~40℃
Anti-freeze treatment is required for use at temperatures below 0℃
Support method for pump axial thrustOn pump or on driver
LubricationSubmerged bearing is water lubricated Thrust bearing is oil bath lubricated
Shaft sealingGland packing

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